Our Identity


We at Peyton Rottweiler like our Rottweilers and cherish the special times we get to spend with them throughout pregnancy and early parenting as the pups explore the world with curiosity.

With plenty of love and care, we work to breed only the healthiest Rottweilers. All of Our Rottweiler Puppies are raised in accordance with our strict breeding and care standards. 

   Our Breeders Are Responsible

   We have been working for a long time, and we enjoy every aspect of it! For approximately 12 years, we have been producing and nurturing puppies. Our meticulous planning and execution of cutting-edge breeding techniques has produced some of the best Rottweiler bloodlines. We are very good at breeding Rottweiler puppies. We specialize in producing companionable, happy Rottweiler puppies that are well-socialized and can grow up to be lifelong buddies. 

We never stage images of our pets because that is our preferred way of doing it.  On our farm, we like to just let them be free so that we may “catch them in the act” of playing, exploring, and learning.  We believe it’s the finest way to accurately capture each dog’s individuality. We strive to provide our customers with attentive service every day. We give these animals a very cozy and welcoming environment. You’ll be happy with our reasonable costs and the wonderful sensation you experience when you get in touch with nature!